Breakaway Holidays

Dates Details
25th - 26th February Cellar Door Fest: An overnight camp, staying in the city venturing into the Cellar Door Fest. Plenty to do and taste with a masterclass to improve our knowledge of food, wine and cheese.
25th - 25th March Castaway Weekend: A road trip down to Normanville for a weekend for sun and surf with friends.
29th - 30th April Monarto Madness: Going on a wild adventure to Monarto Zoo to visit the Lion, Monkeys before heading to Murray Bridge to stay the night!
19th, 20th & 21st May Cornish Festival Fun: Opportunity to explore country South Australia with a visit to Kadina for the Kernewek Lowedner (Copper Coast Cornish Festival).
17th - 18th June Karaoke star: A night to get out of our comfort zones and show off our talent at a Karaoke Bar in the City of Adelaide.

Breakaway holidays provide opportunities for people in the Adelaide Hills region to enjoy a range of social, recreational and leisure activities. Weekends are held in different location and encorporate a wide range of activities. Typical activities include visiting tourist attractions and events, cooking, movies, swimming, dining out and enjoying live music and entertainment. Each weekend is attended by eight campers and two staff members.