Breakaway pack their bags for another great weekend Vacation

After picking everyone up on Friday we started our long drive to the River land. We stopped on the way to stretch our legs and get some lunch. Once we had arrived at the accommodation at Kingston on the Murray Caravan Park we settled into our separate deluxe cabins and prepared a shopping list. We then headed to the local shops to buy the supplies listed for the weekend, with these supplies we cooked up a feast of Spaghetti Bolognese using ingredients to suit everyone's dietary requirements. After enjoying our meal we all worked together to help clean up.

On Saturday we cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast before heading into Renmark to enjoy the Rose Festival, we visited a few open gardens where many roses and blooming plants were on display in the sunshine. Although the festival was a bit disappointing we enjoyed visiting many other Renmark attractions such as the local parks and the Tower Lookout which displayed panoramic views of the river land and vineyards.

For dinner on Saturday Night Jeremy booked a table for us at a popular Renmark restaurant, we all enjoyed an all you can eat buffet while overlooking the river view. We indulged in a variety of cuisines such as seafood, curries, salads, pub classics and roast meats. After dinner everyone was quite tired so we headed back to our separate cabins and settled in for the night.

The next day was Sunday, so after breakfast we packed up and headed back to our families, stopping at the Bakery for lunch along the way. Everyone enjoyed the scenic views of the river land and spending time with others, we especially enjoyed welcoming new participant Grace into the group.



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