Grant & Libby - Volunteer Host Parents

Stephanie came into the lives of the Day family as a young 4 year old in the summer of 2005 – 06. She now has turned 11.

We started off seeing Steph for a casual afternoon visit; this quickly progressed to a sleepover & before long the regular catch up was a full weekend (i.e. 2 nights). In school holidays this expanded to 3 or sometimes even 4 nights.

Stephanie has provided a lot of warmth & humour into our lives.

She is naturally outgoing, beautifully mannered, respectful & a delight to be around. We have done a number of activities over the last six and half years (e.g. Outings, playgrounds, swimming, ten pin bowling, birthday celebrations, etc.)

She has mixed well with our immediate & extended families plus enjoys the chance to meet new people, often giving a hug to previous strangers!

Stephanie reminds us to be mindful to live the “Now” – too often we look back or too far forward, but having Steph around ensures we focus on present moments.

Nonetheless, she has a good memory for recalling things that have amused her from years gone by (e.g. singing of nursery rhymes, twisting on ones ear whereby tongue pokes out, etc).

The Interchange program is a Win, Win for all.  It gives the family much needed Respite from the daily care that they need to do with their child; it has helped our two daughters, us as parents & extended families & friends understand the world a bit more. Plus play a small part in helping out; and finally the child gets the opportunity to experience new friendships.

We would recommend it to you.