Mentoring, Fun and Footy- Hugh and Ned’s Story


Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be matched with Hugh. In just a short period of time we have developed a great friendship and bonded over a shared love of Football. We catch up on a regular basis to chat and kick the footy around down at the local oval. Hugh’s passion for the game is immense. I look forward to staying mates for a long time to come.

Jodie- Hugh’s mum

"Ned is a kind, gentle and patient individual who always goes out of his way to try to visit Hugh at our home every week or so to catch up and have a kick of footy to practise Hugh’s kicking and marking skills.  Hugh treasures this time with Ned and always looks forward to their regular meetings.  When Hugh is unable to see Ned in person, he also enjoys communicating with Ned via text or email.  These are great skills for Hugh to develop.  Paul and I have noticed an improvement in Hugh’s skills and confidence since meeting Ned. This is wonderful to see as this helps Hugh to develop his life skills both at school and socially.