Teen Connect: Halloween Disco

After everyone had arrived at the Nunyara Conference Centre, we began to head in with the other Interchange Teen Connect group who had previously spent the day decorating and preparing the spooky disco for us to enjoy.

We joined them inside for some dance moves before sitting down for a shared dinner of spaghetti bolognese and then cake for dessert. After fueling up on food, some of us continued dancing while others enjoyed interacting with peers through conversation. Everyone made an effort to take part in the Halloween theme, with some people dressing up as very creative characters.

It was then time for some games; some people volunteered to be wrapped up as mummies while the rest of the group voted for the best wrapped. We also played an eating contest with hanging donuts, which was definitely a laughing moment as the donuts kept moving on the strings making it challenging to catch in our mouths.

As the night got later, we started to enjoy some much needed quiet time watching the movie 'Hotel Transylvania'.

Before long it was time to be picked up by our families, everyone enjoyed dancing the night away and spending quality time with their friends. People were raving about how 'SPOOK-TACULAR!' the disco turned out to be,

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