Wildlife Explorers

Today we started our day with a shopping trip to Woolworths to stock up on lunch supplies. As the Wildlife park has a BBQ area we decided to get some BBQ foods to cook ourselves. We headed out to the Gorge Wildlife Park in Cudlee Creek. While there we each got to hold a real life Koala which was scary but also exciting! After holding it we discussed how light and fluffy it was, as we were expecting it to be heavy. We continued to see lots of other animals, the Monkey's were most of our favourite exhibition, one of them took some food right out of Jaxon's hand. The baby pigs were very cute also. We saw lots of baby animals including a Joey upside down in its mother's pouch. When we stopped by the lake for a rest from walking, we learnt about lots of different species of ducks and birds.

After walking around all the enclosures and visiting the animals, we were glad to sit and cook our BBQ lunch, Jaidyn especially enjoyed the caramalised onions! The day went really well and everyone enjoyed seeing the variety of animals alongside their friends.


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